I started to watch SPN season 1 again, and it is just freakin' beautiful. I cannot even express my feelings.

Sam and Dean are my babies. My stunning lovely hunters *-* My love for Supernatural is huge and I am two episodes back in season eight, but I really don’t want to watch them.

I’m in a ‘supernatural is the most beautiful tv show in the whole world and I worship Sam and Dean’ phase, and I cannot back to a eight season that I really don’t like - exactly like the 6th and 7th-, to a Sam that is lost and tired, to a Dean that I can’t stand anymore and to an awful storyline.

I want SPN back. I need Sam and Dean back.

Last year I didn’t finish season five of gossip girl, because of the nonsense, the excessive drama and the fact that I kept watching it only because of Blair and Chuck. and there were no more Blair and Chuck. All the storylines were ruined and certain characters were useless and I couldn’t stand it anymore.

but now, I’m finishing it. and thank god I did. I still think the storylines are seriously crappy, but whatever. I’m having my chair back. I’m having them back and I love them so much.

Everything is chair. Love is chuck and blair.

Respect and love.

There’s a thing that I will never understand, and it’s this war, this hate between the two ships.

We are talking about brothers that love each other deeply. We are talking about Stefan and Damon, two brothers that would die for each other every single second of their life. Yeah, they’re in love with the same girl, but why the hell do we have to disintegrate them?

Who the hell cares who’s been more selfish? Who’s ready to let Elena go? Who loves her more? Who has been through more pain? 

They’re brothers that love each other. Shouldn’t we love them? Shouldn’t we respect them? It’s not a war. It’s about a story that talks about love, respect, blood, friendship and souls. Fucking souls. 

Why can’t we just respect and love whoever we love without hate for everyone else?

My Stelena heart is so happy♥

Warehouse 13 season 3 finale.

I can’t even talk about it. MyGod.

Helena. Helena and Myka, for god’s sake.

Steve. Claud with her hand in Steve’s. My Claud with all that pain.

Mrs Frederic.

The Warehouse! 


Glee massacre.

what the fuck was that? that was not an episode, but a massacre.

.I never cared about Brittana really, but I am bit sad about their break-up. Santana’s song was beautiful.

.I never liked Rachel, not even a bit, but at least I admired how she loved Finn (I’m one of the few people in the world that love Finn) and how talented and passionate she was, but this new trasformation, I don’t like it. Not even a bit.

.I want Finn to find himself. I need him to.

.Talking about Klaine hurts. Kurt has always been my glee character and I can’t stand his pain right now. I can’t believe that Blaine cheated on him… I just can’t. Their love is deeply pure.

No one in my class knows who Jared Padalecki is.
What’s wrong with the world?!


Okay, I’ve madly missed you. My sweet big long haired Sammy.

And, Dean’s an ass. Come on, I love Dean ( I mean, I love him like “gosh, I want to punch you so bad”, but still, I’m attached to Dean) but seriously, he has to shut up.

How the hell can he blame him for trying to live a real life for once, for stopping that bloody life he was obliged to live since he was one year old?  And what the hell? Dean lived with Lisa and Ben, so… what the hell does he want? 

Sammy’s gone through hell. He has never had a nice, happy moment and how can you take him away that from him? And how the hell can you call somebody else ‘brother’, Dean?

Okay, I am bit mad at him. 

Sam feels.

Sam Winchester feels!!!

Oh, I missed my baby so much. So, so much. SAMMY

My desire to punch Dean in the face grows each season.